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Beijing govt China’s 3rd most efficient

(Global Times)

10:31, October 31, 2011

In a study on the efficiency of China's local governments, Beijing ranked third, following Jiangsu Province and Shanghai, but ranked almost bottom in terms of public safety services.

The research was conducted by the School of Management of Beijing Normal University (BNU), and the criteria included 47 factors under four categories, including public services, social welfare, urban infrastructure and the economic welfare of residents.

Beijing ranked 30th for public security service, and Tang Tianwei from BNU, who was on the research team, noted that it was measured by the accident rate, post-accident death rate, and the number of criminal cases.

"Beijing has worse traffic congestion leading to a larger chance of accidents, which drags it down," Tang said, "unlike education, where it has the finest higher-educational institutions."

However, not everyone agrees the factors counted here make the capital city lag behind.

Wang Yukai, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Governance, thinks it would be more "precise and fair" to consider other factors.

"Beijing has a bigger proportion of 'floating population,' which may give more security challenges, and things like 'clear-up rate' of the criminal cases should be counted if considering the total amount of criminal cases," Wang said.

"Generally, I have faith in Beijing municipal government being competitive in efficiency matters, because it's the capital, so it ought to have a system to act on things quickly," Wang noted.

However, Tang's report shows the most urgent need is to reduce the number of Beijing's government organs to increase efficiency.

"Beijing has impressive achievements in infrastructure, but because of pressure from traffic and property prices, its government must put effort in to catch up [other municipal governments]," Tang said.


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