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Terminal delay for new airport?

By Deng Jingyin  (Global Times)

09:38, October 28, 2011

Beijing's second capital airport project, scheduled to start construction this year, has reportedly been delayed due to a shortage of funds.

Although the project is to relieve the pressure on Beijing's existing airports, the plan is not without controversy, both over the location in Daxing district, costs, and whether it would be more economic to simply expand Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA).

The China Times quoted an anonymous source close to the Civil Aviation Administration of China as saying that construction will not commence this year and it is not certain when or even if it will restart.

"The new airport plan will possibly be postponed without a fixed schedule. The funding is a problem for the construction, and it's waiting for related departments to solve," an insider from BCIA confirmed to the Global Times Thursday.

Yao Peng, vice president of Vantone Real Estate, says there are better ways solve to relieve the pressure on Beijing's main airport.

Yao began posting his opposition to the Daxing project on June 18. He suggested the airport would be too costly, and said that Tianjin's Binhai Airport can be used to support BCIA, if they are linked with high-speed transportation.

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