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Wife of Crazy English boss files for divorce

(Global Times)

08:50, October 28, 2011

CRAZY TEACHER: Li Yang delivers a speech at a middle school in Anhui Province on March 19 (HU WEIGUO)

Kim Lee Li, the American wife of Crazy English guru Li Yang, has sued for divorce, Chaoyang district court said Thursday.

Kim asked for a division of the couple's assets and custody of their three daughters, the court said.

The divorce follows accusations of spousal abuse in early September, when Kim posted photos of her injuries on a Sina Weibo account.

"Happiness will find me. I will leave the past behind me. Today my life begins. Divorce [case] to court today," Kim wrote on her Sina Weibo account on October 24.

According to the court, Kim came to China in 1999 and worked for Li at Crazy English. The couple married in 2005, and Kim continued to work in the business, but she said that Li controlled all the income. He only gave her the bare minimum to live on, and has now stopped supporting her.

Li admitted the abuse on September 12 to the Beijing News, finally apologizing via Weibo a week later.

But he also told the Global Times that Kim had "ruined his career and image," and later said on a CCTV interview program on September 25 that "marriage is just an experiment of American home education, and our children are the result of this experiment."

Yao Yue, director of Maple Women's Psychological Counseling Center in Beijing, who counseled the couple after Kim revealed Li's abuse, said the couple have different priorities.

"Li Yang may think his career is more important, but Kim hopes he will care for the family at the same time," she said.

Kim has said via Weibo that she is deeply concerned for all victims of domestic abuse, but "I could not help others until I helped myself."

Li's assistant would not comment Thursday.


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