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Wenzhou victim has neck surgery

By Wu Yiyao  (China Daily)

08:23, October 26, 2011

Giovanni Pan in Shanghai Changzheng Hospital on Monday. He suffered injuries to his neck, spine and lungs in the July 23 train crash in Wenzhou, and his girlfriend died. (China Daily Photo)

SHANGHAI - A Wenzhou native with Italian citizenship who was severely injured in the July 23 high-speed train crash underwent critical surgery on Tuesday morning at a hospital in Shanghai.

Giovanni Pan, a 22-year-old amateur boxer, had a two-hour operation on his neck, said Shao Xiaolan, a nurse in charge of his ward in Shanghai Changzheng Hospital.

Pan has undergone treatment since the train crash. He was hospitalized at Wenzhou People's No 2 Hospital before he was transferred to the Shanghai hospital on Oct 21.

"The surgery went quite smooth and turned out successful," said a doctor in charge of Pan's recovery who identified himself only by his surname Mao.

Mao said Pan was conscious after the surgery, and was in stable condition by the afternoon.

Pan suffered severe injuries to his neck, spine and lungs in the collision, which killed 40 people, including his girlfriend, Assunta Liguori, an Italian student.

Pan and his girlfriend had dated for about one year before the accident. They were students at Italy's University of Napoli, where Pan majors in Chinese and English. Liguori was in an Oriental Studies program.

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