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Teacher fired for punishing naughty boy with a saw

(Shanghai Daily)

09:24, October 25, 2011

A kindergarten teacher was sacked in Xi'an, capital of northwest Shaanxi Province for punishing a naughty boy with a saw that left a tiny wound on his wrist, the Huashang News reported today.

The four-year-old boy Mingming was not behaving well last Friday during a class rehearsal for a sports meet to be held in the kindergarten, and his teacher surnamed Liu got cross and put a saw on his wrist, threatening to cut it off.

Another teacher who was at the rehearsal was also punished for not stopping Liu from doing the dangerous act, said the Suwang Kindergarten after Mingming's mother told the media about her son's experience.

Mingming told her mother that the teacher threatened him not to tell his parents about the wound or she would saw off his hand.

Liu's colleague in the kindergarten said to the newspaper that Liu had been under great pressure because their wages were connected with job performance.


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