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Migrant dropouts rise

(Global Times)

09:16, October 24, 2011

A Dongba migrant student sits in her classroom Sunday. She has no idea where she will be sent to study. Photo: Wang Zi/GT

By A number of anxious parents and students went to the Dongba Experimental School in Chaoyang district Sunday to consult the principal about where their children should go, after the school said it had been ordered to close down.

Chaoyang District Commission of Education had informed the school to close in June, but the school opened as usual in September. However, the school told parents Friday to send their children to other public schools, the Beijing Times reported.

Sunday, a notice on the school wall dated August 22 read that the school was not accredited and did not meet with fire and electrical safety standards.

"I've worked in Beijing for more than 10 years and my kid studied in this school for four years, I don't know where to put my child," said a father surnamed Ma from Henan Province Sunday. He complained about the many extra expenses and requirements for enrollment in public schools.

"There aren't enough public schools to take all the migrant students," Ma said, "the migrant schools were doing the charity thing, but now the government has canceled them."

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