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Tourists hung up over mid-air dangle (2)

By Deng Jingyin (Global Times)

09:13, October 24, 2011

It is not known what the employee meant by "political issue," or even if he was telling the truth about the stoppage.

Responding to the complaints, the park explained that for safety reasons, they stopped the chairlift due to the strong wind.

"If our monitoring department observes a gale above level six, we will take measures to stop the ropeway's operation, like today… No passenger was injured as far as I know," a Xiangshan Park publicity officer surnamed Yao told the Global Times.

They did not explain why the lift was operating on such a windy day.

A cold spell swept over Beijing Sunday, bringing heavy winds and rains. The sharp drop in temperature heralded winter, with a highest temperature of 16 C and lowest temperature of 6 C in the Xiangshan area Sunday.

A hiker, surnamed Peng, who was walking in the hills when the incident occurred, said the wind was very strong, which must have caused trouble for the stranded people.

"Such a strong wind may pose risks for the passengers' safety… I could see the chairs were swinging in the wind. You know, they are the open-seat style without any wind protection," Peng said.

According to Yao, the park tried to comfort passengers sitting on the chairlift via a broadcast after the stoppage. Many passengers denied they heard any broadcast.

"They neither informed us about the pause nor told us what happened after the ropeway stopped working," Liu said.

"If they found the wind was too strong to run the ropeway, why not tell us not to take the chairlift before the incident leaving us in danger?" Liu said.

Another two passengers also confirmed with the Global Times that they never heard any broadcast on the hill.

The public security department could not be reached for comment Sunday.

"I just want an explanation from the park, which is my right. If they still refuse to give us the real reason, I will turn to my lawyer for help," Liu said.

Zhong Xibei contributed to this story

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Canada at 2011-10-2570.36.49.*
People have been caught on chairlifts here too, but I don"t recall any seeing their lawyer about it. Canadians aren"t in the habit of sueing everyone over everything - but Americans are.

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