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'Weibo' suicide stopped

(Global Times)

09:07, October 24, 2011

Beijing police went to the rescue of a model who attempted suicide by drug overdose Saturday evening. She simultaneously tweeted, posting a picture of the pills she took and her "last words" on her Sina Weibo account, the Legal Mirror reported.

Su Wei, model and actress, posted she wanted to kill herself because Li Guowen, her boyfriend and a film director, cheated on her. Police saw the posts, and arrived at her house in Shuangjing, Chaoyang district, in time to send her to hospital. Li said they are dating but he did not cheat. He has visited Su in hospital.


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fiona at 2011-10-2494.195.123.*
This show how dangerous social media can be. There are a lot of misinformation around and young people are constantly exposed to sadistic garbage. Young People should try to have real physical social network. The people you "socialize" with may not be who they claim to be. Social network sites are a fertile ground for manipulative child molesters and criminals. Internet is a double edged sword. Young people should try to have a REAL social life.

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