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Girl dies after being hit by 2 vans and ignored by 18 people

By Jia Feishang (Shanghai Daily)

21:55, October 23, 2011

Candles spell out the Chinese characters for the name of Wang Yue as university students stand vigil on campus in Hengyang in central China's Hunan Province last night. The two-year-old died yesterday morning.

The two-year-old toddler crushed by two vans and left unattended on the street in south China's Foshan City a week ago died early yesterday morning after her vital organs shut down.

Wang Yue was pronounced dead at the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command at 0:32am, after her brain had mostly stopped working and other vital organs deteriorated.

The girl's parents visited their daughter after she died, around 3am, for the last time.

"The mother was too sad, and only the father disposed of the body with the help of doctors," said Xie Yinlong, an official with the hospital.

"The hospital went all out and made utmost effort to save her. But ... her injuries were too severe and the treatment had no effect," Su Lei, director of the hospital's intensive care unit, told a news conference.

Tens of thousands of netizens expressed their condolences for the toddler online yesterday, praying for her.

Domestic media and the public had repeatedly blasted the 18 passers-by who ignored the girl lying in the street, condemning their indifference. But some netizens and foreigners have emerged to voice a different opinion. They stressed that people should blame the parents for failing to watch the girl, as well as the two hit-and-run drivers, before they blame the passers-by.

The surveillance video from the October 13 hit-and-run, aired by a TV station, showed the girl run over by a van, which drives off leaving her to bleed on a narrow street.

More than a dozen people over the next seven minutes walk or drive past the girl on bicycles and she is run over by a second truck. A woman then pulls the girl to the side of the street before her mother, a migrant worker, rushes into the frame.

Guo Wei, a local resident, told Shanghai Daily yesterday that the girl's parents deserve the main blame because they are responsible for taking care of their kids.

Marc Tessier, the father of a two-year-old boy, questioned why the girl's parents were not around when the accident happened. "I would never leave my son unattended on a busy street," he said.

But he added that the parents must feel awful for their negligence. Under Chinese law, parents can be charged for negligence in such cases.

The mother said earlier that she was sorry that she left her daughter unattended, as she was busy with housework and the father was looking after their small business.

The toddler appeared in the middle of the road after seeing her seven-year-old brother across the street and she probably was chasing after him.

Gu Xiaoming, a professor at Fudan University, said many parents are too dimly aware that they need to protect their kids. It's a common problem in China, especially with the rural families who settle down in cities. They are struggling with living and do not realize the dangers their children face much of the time.

Of course, the two drivers who were arrested by police should also take major responsibility.

Gu noted how people don't seem to even possess the mentality to avoid accidents, pointing out how vehicles are aggressively driven right by pedestrians trying to cross the street on a routine basis. Adults might have the ability to get out of the way, he said, but "how about the kids?"

Guo said that although he would help the little girl if he was at the scene, he would also worry about the possibility of facing a lawsuit, as there are several cases where victims have extorted those helping them by blaming them for their accidents.

The professor said the incident showed that urban residents are losing their respect for life. "People are becoming selfish," he said.


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PD User at 2011-11-0175.174.252.*
Also criminal it seems is apolice department that has the recording of the van and license number... but have not apprehended or prosecuted the driver.
dona at 2011-10-2769.158.145.*
little girls parents are completely wrong. they must look after the 2year old. That's their responsibility. two drivers are criminals. must charge against the people who ignored the injured little girl. Government must give proper punishments for all those people who involved in the little innocent girls death and let the world know how you did the justice.
PD User at 2011-10-26108.21.119.*
passer-by people should be blame because they can call police station or Hospital or emergency call (911 in USA) to save 2 years old girl. Also should blame for 2 years old girl parent and 2 drivers for negligence. a
jen at 2011-10-25220.164.118.*
Civic education should be an important subject in all school curriculum from a very young age, like studying science, mathematics and language. If every human person is taught to queue properly, be courteous to each other, and to lend a helping hand to others in need whenever possible, imagine WE WILL ALL have a better living experience among our fellow human beings!
Kevin He at 2011-10-24222.91.70.*
From my point, this society lacks respect to life. Furthermore, we are rich in material, but our mental world is becoming poor.

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