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Female subway passenger narrowly escapes death

By Liu Sheng  (Global Times)

10:47, October 21, 2011

A 30-year-old female subway passenger narrowly escaped death in Shanghai Thursday, after an oncoming train pulled to a stop at Jiangsu Road station several meters past her feet while she squeezed in between the tracks below.

The woman had accidentally fallen onto the tracks seconds earlier; the conductor of the oncoming train saw her – and pulled the emergency brake.

The woman scrambled to squeeze between the tracks after she saw the train approaching. She wound up beneath the first and second carriages of the train, according to a subway staff, who helped her out afterwards.

The woman suffered only minor bruising from the fall. She may have overstepped the cautionary yellow strip, which caused her to slip, said Lan Tian, a press officer for the city's subway operator Shanghai Shentong Metro Group.

The incident that occurred around 10:45 am along the Line 2 subway station's Songhong Road-bound route, which does not have safety doors, caused minor delays for passengers, who had to wait until about 11 am for normal operations to resume.

One passenger said that the woman had fallen on the tracks, towards the end where the head of the train stops, with her purse catching a guardrail on the way down.

"She was completely panicked and in tears by the time staff pulled her out," the passenger wrote on Sina microblog Thursday.

Lan said the incident should remind passengers to be wary of the platform edge and advised riders to exercise caution while waiting for trains.

"No one should go beyond the yellow strip," he told the Global Times Thursday. "We warn passengers not to push and shove and ask that they be patient while waiting for the doors to open when boarding and exiting trains."


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