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Experts call on migrant parents to watch kids

(China Daily)

09:25, October 21, 2011

Doctors announce at a news conference on Thursday that Yue Yue's condition has worsened. Provided to China Daily

GUANGZHOU - Chen Shuyi is a child of few words.

When she wants to tell her parents that she has to go to the bathroom, the way she usually does so is by shouting for help.

The 2-year-old girl also has few toys to play with and little to do in her long hours of leisure besides walking alone outside her parents' hardware shop.

Her parents, who hail from Sichuan province, run their shop in a hardware market in Foshan, the same city where another child of migrant workers, Yue Yue, suffered serious injuries this past week after being twice run over by vehicles.

"We don't have time to take care of her because our business is so busy," said the girl's father, Chen Junming.

The girl is one of many children who are often left alone by their migrant-worker parents in Guangdong. Like the Chens, many of them have come to the province, a manufacturing hub, to run small businesses.

Asked about leaving his child alone, Chen said: "We know this is not good."

Learning of Yue Yue's accident has made Chen want to send his daughter back to the family's hometown.

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maureen at 2011-10-21108.20.108.*
It isn"t just migrant workers that need to watch their children. Every parent needs to watch their child. Unfortunately, this example showed us why.

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