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Reporting from the grassroots in vogue

(China Daily)

10:20, October 20, 2011

Left: There are no roads from a mountainous village in Taxcorgan county, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, to the school that village children attend, so their trip is filled with peril. A CCTV video crew documented their journey in mid-September, before the school year began.

Top: Li Congjun (right), president of Xinhua News Agency, accompanies village chief Zhang Fugen during a visit to Baiquan village in Linzhou, Henan province. Li was there on Sept 21 as a reporter to write about the residents' lives.

Above: CCTV reporter He Ying (right) talks with local people in Taxcorgan county. (Photo:China Daily)

BEIJING, Oct. 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Journalists travel off the beaten track to give news a different perspective, Cui Jia, Wang Yan and Jiang Xueqing report in Beijing.

Xu Wei flipped through the TV channels and sipped a cold beer after a typical workday. Normally, the 26-year-old Beijing resident would just watch stand-up comedy to pass the evening away. But a program, about life in the border regions, caught his attention.

Travel the Borders is a series produced and aired by China Central Television (CCTV) under the nationwide Go Grassroots campaign for the media.

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