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Girl hit by 2 vans worsens; hero flees

(Shanghai Daily)

08:22, October 20, 2011

The condition of the 2-year-old girl who was run over by two vans in Foshan City in southern Guangdong Province worsened and doctors were trying to save her life yesterday.

The hospital reported her condition without going into details. Her mother fainted after learning the news.

"We have invited experts from Beijing to join in the rescue of her life," said Wen Qiang, deputy director of the ICU at the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command.

Meanwhile, Chen Xianmei, the only one to lend a helping hand among the 19 people who passed by the little girl after she was hit, left Foshan because she became fed up with malicious slander and the harassment from hundreds of media outlets.

The 1.4-meter-tall illiterate woman, 58, has seen her personal life turned upside down after the accident, which garnered her overnight fame.

She has been contacted hundreds of times for media interviews. Her cell phone was ringing all day long and many reporters packed her apartment for face-to-face interviews, prompting her landlady to threaten to end her lease.

Most people acclaimed her as a moral role model against the other 18 indifferent passers-by. Some people whom she didn't know smiled at her wherever she came around.

On the other hand, some people challenged her purpose for doing what others dared not do for fear of extortion from victims and their families. Chen and her family members had been asked whether she did this to become famous, which hurt her badly. Some annoying neighbors wanted to know how much award she earned through the incident.

Chen's son was very angry and said, "My mother cannot read newspaper at all. Why will she want to become famous?"

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Chinese descendants at 2011-10-21111.95.102.*
RIP Yue-Yue, You are our little angel, God loves you so much that God put you in Heaven, this is much better than you have to live among the cold, heartless people in Fuck San
maureen at 2011-10-21108.49.5.*
This lady is a beautiful person. I wish there were more people like her.
huang ren at 2011-10-21121.158.12.*
this horror was done by the vietnamese. Our Chinese is too superior to commit that. It is the cockroaches Vietnamese did it. Let attack South China Sea and retaliate YueYue
Hongchang at 2011-10-21141.243.33.*
It"s just no point to overly blame the passers by for they"re just a sample of the dark aspect of the society in which every one can find his/her own shadow. For the same token, it"s not much a point for any one to claim the moral high ground after the event for there is just no space for it in the shadow. A couple of individual sparks do not dilute the thickness of the dark. What the society really needs is a mainstream religieous blief, be it Buddhism or Christianity. This is the spiritual pillar to allow space for building moral grounds. May God bless China.
Canada at 2011-10-2170.36.49.*
The U.S. is an extremely litigious society, disgustingly so, not a good pattern to copy. This type of incident could happen in Canada, but it would be unusual for one person to sue another for stopping to help. I can’t remember such a lawsuit happening.

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