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Beijing metro using new security measures

(Beijing Daily)

15:20, October 19, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Urban Rail Transit Operation Safety Regulations, a local mass transit standard, was posted recently on the official website of the Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision on Oct. 18, and the municipal government will be soliciting opinions from the general public until Nov. 18, 2011. According to the standard, measures such as current-limiting and station-sealing will be adopted when passenger flow is at or above the load capacity by 70 percent in subway stations.

The new regulations explain that rail traffic accidents will be classified in five levels: extremely serious, serious, major, dangerous and ordinary. The criteria for the division are as follows: interruption of operation time, direct economic losses, character of accident, influence and the scope affected.

Apart from steps such as current-limiting and station-sealing when emergencies happen, at ordinary times, advertisement equipments and commercial centers should use flame retardant materials for construction, which at the same time should not threat traffic safety. Unless permitted, the station entrance, platform and channel prohibit any commercial outlets, according to the new regulations.

What's more, dispatchers should also pay attention to the new regulations. They are required to take a three-month-long apprentice training and get a license before going to work officially. Meanwhile, dispatchers should also be qualified enough to become familiar with the scheduling system operation, strengthen the monitoring of train safety and promptly handle abnormal situations and emergencies.


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