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Prognosis for girl hit by vans appears bleak (2)

By Liang Yiwen  (Shanghai Daily)

08:29, October 19, 2011

A male shopkeeper of a plumbing store was harassed this week after netizens saw him on the video walking out of his store to check the situation of the girl and then leaving. He said that his business on was greatly affected with lots of customers scolding him.

But he insisted that he didn't see the girl. "(I swear to the God) If I had seen the girl, I would die in your face," he said.

One man who looked back toward the girl several times after passing her collects waste from the market from time to time. He told reporters he heard the child crying but didn't see her because it was too dim. He said he rode away because he thought the sound was a child in nearby stores.

Chen Xianmei, the passer-by who came to the girl's aid about 7 minutes after the first hit, received rewards totaling 25,000 yuan (US$3,917) from the local government. She plans to donate part of the reward to the girl's family for her treatment. Chen said she didn't want to receive the reward because what she did is very ordinary in her mind.

But she was afraid that her rejection might be misunderstood by some people, who might again accuse of her trying to become famous. So she accepted the reward and offered part of it to the girl.

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jack Smith, USA at 2011-10-2024.26.135.*
The CPC must initiate a campaign of compassion in light of this lest the world get the wrong impression of the Chinese people. This was horrible! Jack Smith, USA
TT at 2011-10-20157.130.21.*
The relentless push for human rights by foreigners could have contributed to this. Years ago, the kingdom executed people who were obviously guilty. Life was much simpler then. For example, the perpetrators of the tax evasion and customs fraud were executed. Why do foreigners wants to push human rights ?I think it make it much easier to carry out activities that normally carry death penalty. These days, the people who caused fire in high rise apartments can profit by taking 90% of the donations given to victims.In Guangzhou, there are more problems.Most of violent crimes pickpocketing are carried out by migrant workers who take out their perceived anger on the local Ghangzhou citizen. Some people posted on youtube the videos of migrants robbers who run over people with cars or motorcycles. They know they can get away."uhguer woman tryng to rob this young Chinese woman in the middle of Shenzhen street"These physical damages are as real as damage caused by real military weapons from outside. People have been posting these kind of robbery videos for many years. It seems the local police have not been effective for decades.For those bystanders, when they see problems, they just run away. The justices in many countries who impose astronomical life-crippling fines on good samaritans were probably paid off by foreigners.These judgements eventually trickle down to hurt the commoner.
wende at 2011-10-1971.255.93.*
I suggest people running transportation will design the traffic lights such that no vehicles can make a left/right turn when pedestrians have the right of way and the pedestrian "go" signal is on. Also, direct public attention to care for other who are hurt or ill on the streets and limit long police interrogation of the good people who extend help.
Kee Song Wei at 2011-10-19202.156.10.*
I am from Singapore and almost got run down by passing vehicles while trying to cross the road at a traffic junction in Shanghai even when it was green in my favour. It boils down to life being cheap in China. Anywhere you go in China, the traffic is totally chaotic and the marshalls deployed at traffic light junctions are totally negligence and have their eyes in their pockets. Why can"t they be more humane and orderly? At times, I feel ashamed of my ethnic origin.
PD User at 2011-10-19175.136.173.*
I pray her innocence will find God's gracious love for her.

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