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WHO envisions way out of blindness through early intervention (2)


16:30, October 14, 2011

Similarly, WHO surveys indicate that 90 percent of people with blindness or low vision worldwide live in low-income countries.

Aside from the substantial impact that blindness or low vision has on a person's quality of life, there is also a strong economic impact, not only for the person affected but also for the family and community giving support, according to the WHO.

Reducing blindness alleviates household, community and national poverty and is linked to improving access to educational and employment opportunities, said the release.

Oculist Zhang Chun with the Peking University Third Hospital urged the government to enhance the medical capacity in eye disease diagnosis and treatment, particularly in rural areas.

Even today, some rural grassroots medical institutions can't perform cataract surgeries.

Meanwhile, education on eye health should be largely improved, given that China has seen a sharply rising epidemic of shortsightedness, experts suggest.

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