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Shaolin Temple rejects 'vicious lies' about abbot and a mistress (2)

(Shanghai Daily)

10:59, October 14, 2011

The online rumors also alleged that the abbot held at least US$3 billion in overseas accounts and had private villas in the United States and Germany.

They said Shi had been financially supporting a young woman called Li Jingqian, a graduate of Peking University. The rumors said Shi had raised a son with the woman and they were both living in Germany.

According to some Chinese news websites, the rumors had been declared to be true by a German radio station.

Previously, other rumors had been circulating online that Shi had been caught paying for sex in Henan Province during a police raid to crack down on prostitution.

However, the temple responded to say that Shi was "performing a Buddhist service for the prostitute, rather than having sex with her."

Shi, the temple's 30th abbot, was previously mired in controversy for vigorously promoting commercial development of the ancient temple.

He initiated the opening of a Shaolin pharmacy and monks have visited many countries to perform kung fu shows. He also attracted wide public attention when he was spotted in a luxurious SUV car and using an iPad in public.

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