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Cash rewards increased for blowing bad food whistle

(Global Times)

13:18, October 13, 2011

The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration plans to increase its reward for those who blow the whistle on people and organizations involved in illegally manufacturing food or medical equipment. The reward now tops out at 200,000 yuan ($31,330).

The authority has increased the reward to encourage informants and industry insiders to provide solid information about illegal production and operating activities for food and medicine production and distribution.

"We are going to double the reward for people who report cases like producing fake food, adding inedible materials to food and manufacturing medical devices that pose severe risks to safety or have serious quality problems," Xu Wei, a press officer for the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, told the Global Times.

The reward amount relates to the value of products involved and the social significance of the case. The smallest available amount is 500 yuan ($78).

"The reward will be higher if the reported goods or products have not been distributed, so that we can effectively control the damage," Xu Wei said.

The new measures from the administration are also intended to increase the amount of reward recipients.

"Informants who originally report the cases to police, but have not collected rewards from it, can apply for a reward from us," Xu said.

Tips are gathered from the public through various anonymous channels, such as phone calls, faxes, e-mails and letters, but details that help to identify those involved in criminal acts must be provided.

Whistleblowers can also entrust others to pick-up the reward so they can remain anonymous.


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