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10,000 expected at matchmaking party

(Shanghai Daily)

11:20, October 13, 2011

SHANGHAI--Shanghai will hold the biggest matchmaking party in the city's history next month. More than 10,000 people are expected to participate free of charge, and their parents are also welcome.

Participants are required to give detailed personal information, including an income certificate, when registering for the event, said the Shanghai Matchmaking Trade Association, the event's organizer.

Officials said the action is to make sure that people tell the truth about their background. All the information will be published on a message board for the event. When participants become interested in someone, they can go to a special corner for further communication, organizers said.

The organizer said the event is badly needed in the city as people of prime marriage age, especially women with high education backgrounds and relatively high incomes, seem to have some difficulties in finding a life partner.

Every week, parents go to People's Park near People's Square to look for partners for their adult children. Information on women and men are pasted on the message board there, but people must pay for it.

Meanwhile, cases have been reported where local matchmaking companies cheated clients with false information about potential spouses.

Event organizers said they believe next month's event will provide safer and more effective opportunities for people.

The matchmaking party seems to be more popular among parents than young singles themselves.

"I talked to my daughter numerous times, trying to get her to see somebody, but she always say no," said Ding Wei, 58. "This time is a big chance as thousands of men will be there for my daughter."


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