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Basketball game ends in fatal attack

(China Daily)

11:12, October 13, 2011

Wang Jing, Wu Tianhao's mother, cries on Tuesday as she looks at her son in a family photo in her home in Changchun, capital of Jilin province. Provided to China Daily

CHANGCHUN - An 18-year-old student died after having one of his hands cut off in a dispute with another teenager over a basketball game in Northeast China's Jilin province.

Wu Tianhao, who was a senior student at Jilin Provincial Experimental School, went to a local basketball playground with his friends on Saturday afternoon. About an hour later, several students from other schools joined them, including 17-year-old Hao Zhipeng.

The two young men verbally abused each other and soon after began punching each other.

"Hao's eye was injured during the fight, as a result of normal body collisions," said a local publicity official who requested anonymity.

According to Changchun public security bureau, Hao called his parents for help after the fight, and more than 10 people were summoned to the playground soon after Hao's parents rushed to the scene.

"All the people summoned by Hao's parents were in their 20s," said a classmate of Wu's surnamed Wang, who said he witnessed the whole tragedy. "They were all carrying machetes that were about 30 centimeters long."

Wang added that other boys ran away when they heard that Hao's parents were coming, but Wu, who believed that they were coming to solve the dispute, left it too late to get away.

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