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7 foreign women in 1 room deported over visas

(Shanghai Daily)

10:57, October 12, 2011

SEVEN foreign women found living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment have been deported for having expired visas and lying about their reasons for staying in Shanghai.

Two of the seven, who had overstayed their visas, were detained before leaving the country, the Shanghai Exit-Entrance Administration Bureau said yesterday.

The other five, who had tourist or visitor visas, were also ordered to leave for lying about why they were staying in Shanghai.

The women, from Southeast Asia, were found sharing a one-bedroom apartment by local police during regular inspection.

One woman, named only as "Nancy," who overstayed her visa by two years, rented the 15-square-meter apartment in Xuhui District.

She posted ads online and found another six tenants, each paying 1,000 yuan (US$157) a month.

Four bunk beds were squeezed into the apartment, leaving almost no room for people to walk or even to turn around there, the bureau said.

The women came to Shanghai for better jobs when their home countries were hit by recession. But lacking professional skills, they could only work in low-end service businesses, which disqualified them for work permits.

In order to remain in the city, the women would apply for visa extensions, claiming they were continuing sightseeing, the bureau said.


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