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IKEA recalls 100,000 children's folding tents worldwide

(Global Times)

15:12, October 09, 2011

IKEA, one of the world's largest household enterprises, has decided to recall nearly 100,000 children's folding tents worldwide due to dangers to children. The tent's steel wire frames can break during use, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC).

About 58,000 tents will be recalled by IKEA in North America - 51,000 from the US and 7,000 from Canada. Some 2,600 tents will be recalled in China, according to, a news portal site in Shanghai.

IKEA China confirmed the news on its official website saying all who have bought folding tents can get a full refund when they return the goods.

The company further said they have had three accidents all caused by the broken steel wires in the tents. No one was seriously injured.

IKEA China is planning to recall 2,610 tents after the products had been sold in nine IKEA stores in the country since August 1. Around 780 priced at 79 yuan ($11.8) each will be recalled in Beijing, the Beijing Times reported.

Calls from the Global Times to IKEA Beijing went unanswered Saturday.

"All the BUSA children's folding tents were taken off the shelves in Shanghai on Friday," an anonymous staff member with the Shanghai IKEA told the Global Times Saturday.

More than 15 kinds of goods including teapots, curtains, sleeping bags, coaches and beds have been recalled by IKEA over the past three years, according to the Beijing-based China Entre-preneur Magazine, a leading business magazine in China.

Some seem to think IKEA's frequent recalls of faulty products shows its irresponsibility. "When faulty products emerge, IKEA should first consider improving product quality and inspections rather than recalling faulty goods all the time," according to a Web user surnamed Youyou, China Entrepreneur Magazine reported.

However, IKEA still has supporters. A Web user surnamed Shiziweiba wrote on Sina Weibo that she was satisfied with IKEA's service when she was returning the tent. "It is a responsible enterprise."

Another Web user named Yinaodaijianghu agreed. "I will keep on supporting IKEA because any enterprise can make a mistake, but not everyone has the courage to admit it. IKEA is not afraid of admitting mistakes," she wrote.


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