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Death toll rises to 12 in construction site


14:06, October 09, 2011

A view of the collapsed construction site in the city of Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning province, Oct 8, 2011. (Xinhua Photo)

DALIAN - Rescuers retrieved three bodies early Sunday morning from a collapsed construction site in the city of Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning province, bringing the accident's death toll to 12, according to the local emergency command center.

The three bodies were found at about 6:30 am, some 16 hours after the concrete ceiling of an underground garage collapsed, burying 17 workers.

Four workers were injured in the accident and rescuers are still searching for one other missing person.

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital and their injuries are not life-threatening, according to a spokesman with the Dalian city government.

An investigation into the cause of the accident is under way.


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Peter at 2011-10-1024.87.17.*
What were all these people doing under a slab where concrete is being placed ? This is a NO-No at any time. I am retired now,but was a construction supervisor for many years. We would never have permitted such carelessness. My opinion: Badly designed and/or erected slab shoring and/or inadequate supporting soil conditions. Stringent engineering supervision is requiresd on such risky projects. No short cuts permitted. Safty first always.

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