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China will continue to swim with tide of times (3)


11:16, October 09, 2011

During his speech entitled "The Path to China's Future" at Britain's renowned Royal Society in June, Premier Wen Jiabao said, "China was long under the influence of feudalism. After the founding of New China, the country went through the turmoil of the decade-long Cultural Revolution. Since China opened itself, some new developments and problems have occurred."

Promoting democracy, improving the legal system and strengthening effective oversight of power remains a long and arduous task for the nation.

To commemorate the 1911 Revolution, with a keen sense of responsibility and democracy, people will spur social progress. The more the people participate in social management and public affairs, the greater the momentum there will be to sustain social progress.

As for China's development, worldwide observers need to take a more patient and milder attitude.

It is better to bear in mind that China feared no difficulties in the history and is pushing forward the reform and opening up with greater resolve.

China has conformed with the general situation of the world and the universal values of humanity and is on its way to becoming a modern and progressive country that seeks common development and interests with other countries.

One hundred years after the revolution, China is again at a crucial point. The world is undergoing fundamental changes, while scientific and technological revolution and economic globalization are progressing every day. With the financial crisis and other problems, the future of the world is uncertain.

Only by swimming with the tide of the times can China achieve complete rejuvenation and make greater contributions to humanity.

Ji Ming and Pi Shuchu also contribute to the story

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