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City's overseas population above 200,000

By Jia Feishang   (Shanghai Daily)

08:18, October 09, 2011

Shanghai--More than 200,000 overseas people had been living in Shanghai for at least three months when the sixth national census was conducted at the end of 2010, according to the Shanghai Statistics Bureau.

Shanghai had 208,300 overseas people living in the city at the time, ranking second in the country behind only Guangdong Province.

According to the bureau, nine people out of every 1,000 were from either Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or a foreign country. The rate is the highest among mainland provinces and cities.

Overseas residents- - excluding diplomats, tourists and people on business trips - were included in the census for the first time, thus no comparative figures were available.

The top three home countries of foreign residents in Shanghai were Japan, the United States and South Korea. Together they made up more than half of the overseas residents in Shanghai.

Among the overseas residents surveyed, about half were here for work, while others were here to study, settle or visit relatives.

The Pudong New Area was home to more overseas people than any other district in the city with more than 20 percent, the bureau said. Changning, Minhang and Xuhui districts were also popular places for overseas people to live.

"Foreign residents have largely concentrated in downtown areas," the bureau said.

Since the beginning of 2010, six types of overseas professionals and investors have been eligible to live in the city for five years, instead of the usual one year. The move is to help boost economic growth and attract scientists, senior managers and investors to stay longer in the city.

Individuals with highly specialized skills, celebrities, private investors and foreigners awarded special status in light of their contributions to China can apply for the five-year residence permits.

Nationwide, a total of 593,832 foreigners were living on the Chinese mainland, data from the sixth national census revealed.


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