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China wins battle against 'four evils'

(People's Daily)

15:19, October 08, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

China has investigated 7,165 places and arrested more than 17,000 involved the "four evils" since a campaign was launched.

A crackdown was set to begin on the “four evils” on Aug. 22. The “four evils” include“black workshops” that make and sell bogus food and medicine, “black factories” that make counterfeit goods, “black markets” that sell fake goods, and “black hideouts” from which porn, drugs and gambling operations are done.

As of today, the public security departments have probed more than 31,000 cases, cracked 5,784 criminal cases, arrested more than 17,000 persons, eliminated 742 criminal groups, and shut down 2,083 black workshops and factories. The campaign has destroyed a large number of counterfeit goods production network and illegal sale chains.

Since the "four evils" constitute serious dangers to public health and security, and threaten public order, a resolute crackdown is welcomed by the public. One official from the public security department said that they are determined to crack down hard on all criminal activies and do a better job to safegarud social security.


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Sam Teng at 2011-10-09175.136.54.*
Such "four evils" are also happening in many free and democratic countries. It"s not easy for weed them out completely in a short period of time but continuous campaign and stern action will be required. For China, this is a good start. For a country with such huge population and a big and diverse land mass, the people"s cooperation and help is needed out such undesirable evils.
LovingChina at 2011-10-09183.39.32.*
One more not listed is the hated so-called "black jails" which should be the 5th-element of ill-gotten mischief in a modern China today. This was also one of the major causes of the fall of ex-CKS-KMT gang which gave China away & lost entirely in the end to only hide in the taiwan island of China! It should be a lesson to stay vivid & alive in the minds of CPC while a new_China ought to recognise its weaknesses too for correction to remain respected, strong and powerful in this world!
Santa Claus at 2011-10-0969.161.7.*
Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, Chinese children! Papa Big Government brings you a great big bag of phony statistics!
Jack Smith, USA at 2011-10-0824.26.135.*
Give these scum the death penalty! Do not let them off with light sentences. If you do, you will become just like the corrupt U.S., where these scum rule. Kill them and keep China pure. Jack Smith, USA
helen at 2011-10-08175.136.169.*
Like before, crackdown on the "four evils" must be a nationwide campaign involving all Chinese. This practice had been very effective in the past.The CPC should revive many of the successful campaigns that rid China of many "ills and evils" that pervaded the society.

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