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Fiancee's attempt to break up is deadly

(Shanghai Daily)

11:19, October 01, 2011

Shanghai--Police arrested a 25-year-old man who allegedly killed his fiancee after she broke up their relationship, officers said yesterday.

The woman, 18, demanded to break up with the suspect surnamed Chen, but refused to return 10,000 yuan (US$1,567) which he gave her as an engagement gift. So Chen strangled her after drinking alcohol on Thursday night, said police, who caught him that night.

Chen worked in a printing house in the suburban Minhang District. He brought his girlfriend, surnamed Wu, from their hometown in Sichuan Province to Shanghai early last month. They lived in a rented apartment on Lianqing Road near his company.

Police offered this chain of events: Chen offered her more than 10,000 yuan after she became engaged to him. However, Wu left him a few days ago. Chen found her and brought her back to their house on Tuesday, trying to make her change her mind.

Wu demanded a breakup again on Thursday night. An enraged Chen ordered her to return the money. Neighbors said they heard him tell her that she couldn't leave unless she give back the money. When Wu refused, Chen killed her, police said.


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