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Official was bribed out on medical bail

(Shanghai Daily)

09:52, October 01, 2011

Shanghai--A former deputy mayor in Guangdong Province serving a 10-year jail term since 2009 for graft was bailed out for medical treatment by bribing officials to produce a fake health report, prosecutors said.

Guangdong prosecutors said five prison and hospital workers have been detained, and Lin Chongzhong, former deputy mayor of Jiangmen City, was put back in jail after being out on bail for a year, the Guangzhou Daily reported yesterday.

Lin's family was reported to have bought off doctors in Heyuan City People's Hospital. One of them distorted Lin's health report and diagnosed him as suffering serious hypertension, which qualified him to be released on bail for medical treatment.

The director, political instructor and a doctor of Heyuan City detention house were also involved in the case.

Wen Yaoxun, an official with the provincial prosecutors office, admitted that Lin was "taking medicine" at the time, but not to the extent of needing to be "on bail for medical service."

Lin was arrested in September 2009 on charges of bribery and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment. He undersold the right to use state-owned land, causing a total loss of 94.04 million yuan (US$14.7 million).

In 2008, Guangdong political and judicial departments caught 2,951 criminals who escaped from their full punishments. Prosecutors, together with the court, public security and legal affairs departments, plan to jointly inspect the bail process.


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helen at 2011-10-01141.0.9.*
The people"s anger at officials and their children"s lavish conspicuous consumption is rising. The only logical conclusion is the rampant unchecked corruption and abuses of power by the rich and powerful.CCDI must really expand its efforts to investigate. They should recruit many unemployed graduates, train them in the police force and the PLA for at least 6 months to physically toughen them up, equip them with corruption fighting tools and send them out to every district, prefecture, city and province of China. Literally a "Bao QingTian (包青天)" in every area!Let"s hope that year 2012 will herald a new era in the CPC in combating corruption and abuses of power. The Chongqing "Big Clampdown" should be extended nationwide. Seize the hour! Seize the day! The Chinese people are getting angrier by the day.

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