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More people released from hospital after subway crash

(Global Times)

13:42, September 30, 2011

Six more passengers injured in a subway crash in Shanghai were released from hospitals on Thursday. Nearly 190 people left Wednesday, as a Shanghai prosecutor announced he was joining the investigation.

All 89 people who were still kept for observation were in stable condition. "I was told by the doctors to rest quietly until a full recovery," said a 68-year-old woman passenger, who asked to be identified only by her surname, Ma.

Shanghai Metro Operation Control Center said on Thursday the flow of passengers during the morning peak hours has reduced by 20 percent, with the total number of passengers reaching 43,000. A Shanghai resident surnamed Shen, who takes Line 10 often, told the Global Times he has no other choice but to take the metro.

But more measures were carried out to ensure operational safety, including assigning two conductors for each train and two traffic operators for the line. Despite the speed limit of trains being set at 45 kilometers per hour, passengers only had to wait five minutes for the next train during peak hours.

CASCO, the Shanghai Metro signal maker that has been widely blamed for the signal design flaw, said on Thursday that they had nothing to do with the incident. It said the crash was caused by a sudden power cut leading to the interruption of signals and human failure when the system was switched to manual operation.

Further investigations into the crash continue. The case has been handed to a special investigation group, including Yang Hengjin, the head of the Anti-dereliction and Infringement Bureau of the Shanghai Procuratorate.


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