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Two subway trains collide in Shanghai, over 270 injured (3)


08:08, September 28, 2011

"The train braked suddenly...some people fell and some cried, then the automatic alarm sounded," said another passenger surnamed Bian.

Four foreigners, including two from Japan, one from Canada and one from the Philippines, suffered minor injuries during the accident and have received treatment at hospital, according to the municipal health bureau.

As of late Tuesday, Line 10 had resumed operations, limiting speeds to 45 kilometers per hour, said Yu Guangyao. Earlier subway services at nine stations on Line 10 were halted.

However, service on a section of the subway line between the Yili Road Station and the North Sichuan Road Station, which includes 12 stops, will be suspended for safety checks starting Wednesday, according to the press briefing.

It is not known when the section will resume full operation.

The subway operator offered an apology via its verified Weibo account at 8:20 p.m.

"Today is a dark day in the history of Shanghai Metro. We feel deeply sorry for the injuries and losses of the passengers no matter what the investigation results will be," said a brief statement from "shmetro."

Yu Guangyao also bowed and apologized to the wounded passengers and the public at Tuesday night's news briefing.

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