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Show-off gets her father in trouble after boastful posts

(Global Times)

13:01, September 27, 2011

A senior official in a county in Southwest China is under fire over widespread corruption accusations after his daughter showed off her excessive lifestyle online.

In one photo posted on her microblog on Sina Weibo, You Yixi, 21, daughter of a deputy chief of Jinping county, Guizhou Province, is posing with an orange Hermes handbag on her right arm and a large Louis Vuitton travel bag in her left hand. Together the bags are believed to cost at least 100,000 yuan ($15,660).

The posts and photos spread quickly on the Internet. People questioned how the young woman, a university student, was able to afford such luxury items. Now, all posts related to her spending have been erased.

Jinping is a state-level poverty-stricken county. About 92 percent of its 200,000 people are involved in farming. The net per capita annual income of its farmers was 2,972 yuan ($465) in 2010, according to the government's website.

In an interview with the Hangzhou-based Qianjiang Evening News, both You and her father denied the accusations.

You claimed the two bags are cheap copies she bought online for around 90 yuan each.

"Like any other girl, I just want to look more beautiful and to feed my vanity by showing some photos in which I look good. I never thought people would regard them as being genuine," she said.

Her father You Chenghua said his hands are clean and he has been strict regarding his daughter's spending.

But their responses failed to quell suspicions.

"Although the saying goes that a clean hand needs no washing, concrete proof will be more convincing," Chen Jun, an IT engineer in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, told the Global Times, adding they should show sale receipts.


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helen at 2011-09-28141.0.8.*
All parents would like to have the best for their kids. The affordability issue comes into question.When officials splashed large sum of money in their indulgences, many people would wonder how these officials could accumulate so much on their salaries? Where did their money come from and at whose expense?CCDI should double their efforts to investigate this "unusual" phenomenon among officials. Something is terribly wrong.In foreign policies, Chinese leader should not follow the Qing Court line and in domestic issues, not to allow the KMT corruption ridden era to re-surface.The CPC and the CCDI could go a long way to prevent the hated past from re-emerging to create havoc in Chinese society.

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