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New regs call for sex ed in Chinese colleges

(Beijing Daily)

15:48, September 23, 2011

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

A set of regulations on psychologically healthy education in colleges was recently released that mandates sexual and relationship psychology as part of the compulsory curriculum.

These sexual education courses are focused on the sexual psychological development, problems, adjustment as well as the psychological developmental features of love and common issues of college students.

A recent survey of 2,060, Beijing college students about sexual knowledge, attitudes and behavior found that 43 percent of college students are confused by sex-related thoughts.

Nowadays, though many college students are mature physically, they lack mental maturity, which leads to misunderstandings about sexual knowledge and sexual psychology.

Most of the college students adopt an inclusive and accepting attitude. Some 88 percent of students think one should be responsible for his or her sexual behaviors, while many students are not familiar with the consequences of pregnancy and the damages to a woman's physical and mental health caused by artificial abortion.

During an activity in which free abortion services were offered to pregnant female college students launched by a hospital of another city, the hospital received about 50 phone consultations and did operations for 28 matched girls aged from 18 to 23. For most of the girls it was the first time, but other girls have had an abortion three or four times. Many college students do not understand that the abortion operation can cause permanent damage to uterus and infections in reproductive organs.

Studies have found that 1.6 percent of college students, who never use condom, lack sexual health and safety awareness.

Premarital sex can bring intense psychological conflicts to college students, some of whom are disturbed by anxieties about college, family, study, pregnancy and relationship problems.

Nearly 90 percent of the surveyed said that they are under great pressure after premarital sex, while 8 percent said that they feel certain pressure. Both combined account for 97 percent of the survey respondents.


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