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Programs to target domestic violence

(China Daily)

08:39, September 21, 2011

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BEIJING - Given that women's complaints about domestic violence on the mainland have been rising for the past three years, the All-China Women's Federation announced on Tuesday that it will cooperate with the health and justice sectors in carrying out pilot programs to protect women from domestic violence.

In 2010, the federation and its branches nationwide received 52,000 petitions from women who had suffered domestic violence, a figure that accounts for nearly one sixth of all petitions on women's rights the federation received.

In 2009, complaints about domestic violence filed by women to the federation reached 48,000, a rise of 21 percent over the previous year.

Domestic violence has been a social problem in China for a long time, however it is hard to tell whether the problem is getting worse just from the increased number of complaints, said Chen Mingxia, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In some degree, the rise in complaints indicates women are becoming more aware of the problem and more of them are refusing to tolerate it, Chen told China Daily after a seminar about tackling domestic violence through a multi-sector approach. The seminar was held in Beijing on Tuesday.

Establishing a joint approach to prevent and respond to domestic violence is urgent and should involve all levels of health, public security and justice departments, said Jiang Yue'e, head of the federation's department for women's rights and interests, who also attended the seminar.

Sponsored by four United Nations agencies, including UN Women, the federation initiated a two-year pilot program based on the multi-sector approach in three counties - Ningxiang in Hunan province, Jingyuan in Gansu province and Yilong in Sichuan province.

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Programs to target domestic violence

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