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Government landscaper's corruption trial begins

(Global Times)

15:36, September 20, 2011

The wife of a renowned investigative reporter went on trial in Shanghai on Monday on charges of accepting bribes, despite many alleging the woman has been framed.

Mei Xiaoyang, wife of court investigative reporter Yang Haipeng, is a landscape architect who is accused of accepting 100,000 yuan ($15, 670) in bribes.

The charges against Mei go back to 2010. The former mid-level manager at the Shanghai Landscape Architecture Design Institute was accused of accepting the bribes, and spent 70 days in prison before being bailed out.

Mei was detained shortly after she asked to leave the State-owned company for a listed company. Her husband claims that she is innocent and her company framed her.

"The State-owned company was afraid that she would take staff away or many staff would follow her example and go after better jobs," Yang wrote on his microblog, which boasts nearly 140,000 fans including many renowned lawyers.

Yuan Yulai, a lawyer specializing in administrative law, said he hopes Yang and Mei win the trial. Yuan said Yang's struggle is one of individual dignity and, most of all, showcases the plight of people who fall victim to the system.But Yang did not explain why he thinks the legal system is flawed.

A close source to the Global Times said that many lawyers support Yang out of friendship and sympathy.

"Yang claimed that he had solid evidence proving Mei's innocence. But for a case like this, it is hard to say. Therefore, many legal experts just show their spiritual support, but seldom discuss the case in a professional sense," said the source, wishing to remain anonymous.

The court has yet to reach a verdict.


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Forjustice at 2011-10-20125.124.150.*
"But Yang did not explain why he thinks the legal system is flawed. " Is this true? Read Young"s microblog, please.
PD User at 2011-10-20125.124.150.*
"But Yang did not explain why he thinks the legal system is flawed. " Is this true? Read Young"s microblog, please.
jack Smith, USA at 2011-10-2024.26.135.*
The CPC should pay attention to these voices. These are some of the best in your society who are merely asking for justice. Find out the true facts and act accordingly. Jack Smith, USA

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