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Officials to solve street dispute among residents

(Global Times)

13:50, September 20, 2011

Yangpu district officials promised to come up with a solution to a five-month dispute between two neighboring residential compounds on Monday, after being dragged into the situation that erupted in three days of protests over the weekend in Shanghai.

Local residents from Haishanghai New Town and Hengyang Garden complexes are fighting over rights to use a three-lane street that runs inside Haishanghai, which offers a shortcut to nearby traffic and amenities. Formerly known as Jingzhou Road before Haishanghai was built in 2006, the street was privatized by the developer five years ago.

Haishanghai residents argue that Hengyang residents have abused the privilege and made the area more prone to theft, while Hengyang residents deny truth to the claim.

"We've had way more robberies and unwanted commotion since Hengyang residents started taking advantage of our street," the head of Haishanghai's property owners' committee, surnamed Zhou, told the Global Times.

Hengyang residents retorted, saying that the case had nothing to do with them.

"We have done nothing wrong and should have access to the street, too," a Hengyang resident, surnamed Fang, told the Global Times. "The road is not part of a private residence."

A district complaints office officer, who asked not to be named, said that mediation between representatives of both compounds on Monday failed to arrive at a settlement on the issue, which days earlier prompted residents from both sides to angrily crowd along the street, tossing trash and blocking the entrance.

Since police stopped the protests on the weekend, a barrier that lifts only with the swipe of a Haishanghai security card has been activated.

"Neither side was willing to make concessions," the press officer, told the Global Times on Monday. "We are working on a practical plan that will appease both parties."


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