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'Playboy' faces gun charge after clash

(China Daily)

09:01, September 20, 2011

Flames rise from Wang Ke’s Audi on Beijing’s Dong’anmen Street on Dec 17 after allegedly being hit by a station wagon driven by Wang Shuo, who is now facing prosecution for possession of illegal weapons and destruction of property. (China Daily Photo)

BEIJING - A real estate developer known as one of the "capital playboys" has been charged with firearm offenses following a nighttime showdown with a rival.

Wang Shuo, deputy general manager of Beijing Wangfu Centurial Development, will stand trial for illegally possessing weapons and destruction of personal property.

"The case was filed on Sept 2," said Sun Ying, a press officer for Dongcheng district people's court, who added that a trial date is still to be decided.

The 29-year-old will face judges alongside five others accused of helping Wang buy the weapons and destroying evidence. All six were released on bail.

Wang is one of four so-called capital playboys, young men famous for being from wealthy families and dating movie stars.

According to a copy of the indictment, the accused was driving a station wagon on Wangfujing Street on Dec 17 when he was involved in an altercation with Wang Ke, 30, another "playboy", who was in an Audi.

Wang Shuo is alleged to have taken out a "gun-shaped item" and aimed it at his rival through his car window. The victim called the police and chased after Wang Shuo's car.

At about 9 pm, both cars stopped in Dong'anmen Street before Wang Shuo is alleged to have reversed his station wagon into the Audi, causing it to set on fire. He then ran away. Wang Shuo was detained the following day.

The damage caused to the Audi was later valued at about 199,000 yuan ($31,000).

Beijing Morning Post reported that police seized four "guns", 2,000 air-gun pellets and six live rounds of ammunition during a search of Wang Shuo's home.

Police have not confirmed whether they found live firearms or pellet guns. However, the indictment stated that the weapons were purchased at a market in Tianjin by Wang Yafei, an employee at Wangfu Centurial Development.

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PD User at 2011-09-2124.26.135.*
helen"s post contains much wisdom. China is thriving now that it has eliminated its exploitive class. In the U.S., the exploitive class rules with an arrogant, ignorant and iron fist. That is why the U.S. is sinking. It"s people are oppressed by those rich scum and the country"s decline is the inevitable result. The only hope for the U.S. is another revolution where the rich are exterminated like the filthy rats they are. China did this and just look at the wonderful results. Jack Smith, USA
Jack Smith, USA at 2011-09-2024.26.135.*
There was a saying in the Old West of the U.S.- "Hang "em and hang "em high!"Jack Smith, USA
helen at 2011-09-20175.142.240.*
In the pre-liberation days, the rich and powerful ruled the day. And the people are oppressed and bullied by these same scums.The CPC must always be on the vigilant and make sure that those rich and powerful are not above the Laws of China.China must never go back to those hateful times where money was the law of the country!
LC at 2011-09-20183.39.56.*
WHAT IS THIS BIASED SENTENCING? "This month, Li Tianyi, the son of popular singer Li Shuangjiang, was ordered by police to receive one year of special education after driving a BMW car without a driving license and hitting a couple in Beijing's Haidian district. "WHY ONLY ONE YER SEPECIAL LESSON IF OTHERS MAY HAVE TO SIT IN JAILS FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS OR DEATH PENALTIES?

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