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Tycoon charged for waving gun in spat

(Global Times)

10:43, September 19, 2011

A man who reportedly pointed a gun at a driver during a traffic dispute in Beijing has been charged with illegal possession of firearms and deliberate damage of property, in another case involving the so-called "rich second generation."

The People's Procuratorate of Dongcheng district brought the charges against the 29-year-old Wang Shuo at the beginning of this month, but the incident was not reported until on Sunday.

Several accomplices of Wang, who is a board member of the real estate companies Beijing Wangfu Century Development Co Ltd and Beijing Yaohui Co Ltd, will also face charges including the illegal purchase of firearms and destroying evidence.

Wang is one of the most famous of Beijing's "rich second generation," a set known for showing off their extravagant lifestyle. His father is a successful entrepreneur who runs real estate and catering businesses. The incident drew a great deal of attention as both the suspect and his father are said to be involved with famous Chinese actresses.

Prosecutors authorized Wang's arrest in January one month after he turned himself in, the indictment said. Wang was released on bail in June.

In December last year, it was reported that Wang had deliberately hit an Audi car in a parking space in Beijing following an earlier argument with the driver, causing the vehicle to catch fire.

After the clash, both drivers stepped out of their vehicles and Wang reportedly aimed a gun at the Audi driver during a brief standoff, according to the Legal Mirror.

To destroy the evidence, Wang's assistant Wang Yafei, one of those charged, removed the surveillance camera at the parking area and destroyed the video footage of the incident, the report said.

In a separate case in July last year, Wang ordered security staff from his company to damage a BMW after he had a dispute with its driver in a parking lot.
Prosecutors charged Wang with ordering his assistant to purchase firearms in Tianjin last year.

Legal experts raised questions over why Wang was bailed out, saying that bail is granted only when a suspect is seriously ill, pregnant or needs to breast-feed. "We need to know on what grounds Wang made bail. I don't rule out the possibility that Wang might have used his influence to receive favorable treatment," Hong Daode, a criminal law professor with the China University of Political Science and Law, said to the Global Times.

The incident sparked an outcry on the Internet, with many questioning the abuse of power among China's wealthy group.

Mo Ting contributed to this story


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justice for all at 2011-09-19216.3.118.*
This story China is still a land of hooligans and a lawless country with corrupted officials. Penalize heavily on these nouveau rich people will deter them from acting as cowboys. Need to go back to Confucianism for young kids now.
Darren at 2011-09-19180.159.121.*
abuse of power.

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