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Alleged fake painting sold for millions (2)

(Global Times)

15:46, September 18, 2011

Yang Songlin, head of Shandong Province's Oil Painting Association and one of the co-authors of the open letter, told China National Radio (CNR) that although he could not recall who the real painter was, he was confident it had been made by a classmate.

"I can't say that Xu never drew a woman like this, but it is absolutely impossible to have a painting with such a close similarity, and I have never seen any of Xu's works like this before," Yang said.

The Beijing Jiuge International Auction Company made no comments yesterday when the Global Times reached it.

Meanwhile, Chinese artists cast doubts over the painting.

Renowned artist Chen Danqing was quoted as saying by CNR that the picture cannot be called a counterfeit since it is not even a copy of one of Xu's paintings.

"It is not fake at all since a counterfeit would manage to imitate Xu's work. This one is a totally different picture that has nothing to do with Xu and was deliberately misrepresented as his painting," Chen said, adding that the disparities are quite obvious.

"I am surprised that they cannot distinguish the difference between a work from the 1920s and the 1980s as well as differences between the appearance of southern and northern girls," Chen said.

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