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Death toll rises to nine in NW China's rain-triggered landslide


11:54, September 18, 2011

Rescuers seach for missing people at the site of a rain-triggered landslide in Xi'an, capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Sept. 18, 2011. The rain-triggered landslide hit two mountain-side factories in Xi'an on Saturday, leaving at least nine workers dead and many more missing. Twenty-seven excavators and some 700 people were mobilized to rescue missing workers. (Xinhua/Li Yibo)

XI'AN, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- Rescuers have retrieved five more bodies in a rain-triggered landslide in northwest China's Shaanxi Province, bringing the death toll to nine in Saturday's accident that also wounded five and left an unknown number of people missing.

About 100,000 cubic meters of rock and mud roared down the mountain at about 2 p.m. Saturday and engulfed a brick factory and destroyed part of a nearby ceramics factory in a suburban district of Xi'an City, the capital of Shaanxi Province.

Local officials have confirmed that four people were killed as of 10 p.m. Saturday while five others were wounded and sent to nearby hospitals.

Rescuers continued their efforts despite continuous rainfalls and five more bodies were retrieved before 9 a.m. Sunday.

Local government information office initially put the number of missing at about a dozen but witnesses said it could be dozens.

More than 700 police, firefighters, and local residents have joined the rescue, which is under way till Sunday morning, officials say.

However, the rescue has become difficult as heavy rains continue pounding the city.


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