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Doctor is out collecting herbs

(China Daily)

13:51, September 16, 2011

CHENGDU - Gathering herbs for traditional Chinese medicine nearly cost Long Xingchao his life.

As he and the other passengers in a truck hurtled toward the water after a bridge collapsed, the Sichuan businessman only had one thought: "How many people are going to die today?"

The answer, fortunately, was nobody. But his friend's leg bones broke through the skin and his calf muscle flopped out when they slammed into the river.

"My friend was sinking and couldn't move," said Long Xingchao. "I dove deeper to grab him and hauled him to shore."

After saving his companion's life, Long spent the next month sleeping on the floor of the clinic in Heilong village while his friend's leg healed.

"The conditions were horrible, but the doctor was great," Long said.

Through treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, his friend was up and around again much sooner than expected.

"That's the magic of traditional Chinese medicine."

The 42-year-old claims to have amassed the world's largest collection of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.

About 6,000 of the samples he gathered personally, facing venomous snakes and even landslides.

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