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China prepares for 5th Car-Free Day

(People's Daily Online)

15:09, September 15, 2011

Edited and Translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online

China's fifth Car-Free Day will be launched on Sept. 22, with this year's theme "Green Transport & Future City", the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction revealed at a press conference on Wednesday.

The main purpose of the campaign is to nurture green transport concept, improve public transit system and enhance environmental protection and alleviating traffic congestion. "Green travel" is advocated to strengthen Chinese cities' sustainable development capacities.

Apart from three committed movements — "the publicity of the Car-Free Day campaign", "two measures to improve the safety and services of green travel" and "designating certain regions as green zones", there will be three characteristic activities — "giving your car a vacation", "walking day or bicycle day for employees" as well as "safe communities for residents."

The Car-Free Day was originated in Europe and was first organized in France in 1998. The European Union sets September 22 as the Car-Free Day. Since the initiative was launched in 2007 in China, 134 cities have now jointed the move.


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