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PKU students object to Apple's campus invasion

(Global Times)

09:36, September 15, 2011

A student at the entrance of the Apple Experience Center on the 3rd floor of Peking University library Wednesday. Photo: CFP

Students at Peking University (PKU) have accused Apple of invading the sacred space of their campus library.

Library staff said the Apple Experience Center, set to open next week, is aimed at helping students with their study.

However, some students argue that the center is too commercial and against the spirit of study.

"It's totally against the spirit and environment of the library," a student surnamed Chen told the Global Times Wednesday.
"Apple should have discounts or give-back activities if they want self-promotion, other than introducing this commercial thing into a sacred place like this," he said.

Library administrators deny Apple products will be sold, and say the center aims to offer students more access to study materials and information through high technology.

The center, enclosed by glass walls and covering 40 square meters, occupies a former study space on the library's third floor. The center displayed Apple laptops, cellphone covers and earphones with no price tags, the Legal Mirror reported.

"We'll install study-related software to assist students using digital methods," said an anonymous library employee, adding the products are not for sale.

She explained they had cooperated with another technology company and established several e-book stands in the library to help students find information more efficiently.

Students will be able to order discounted Apple products though, said Shanghai Liangyu Technology Development Company, an Apple authorized retailer in China and PKU's partner in this cooperation.

A student surnamed Guan said the idea sounds good.

"I'd like to see another place in the school where students can have more study resources with the assistance of digital products," she said.

"It's good to have a digital service to help students study, but the location should be somewhere independent that does not disturb others," said PKU professor Xia Xueluan.

Similar Apple Experience Centers have been established in universities nationwide, including nine in Beijing, according to Apple's official website.


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