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Remains of 19 Chinese WWII soldiers returned home from Myanmar


09:29, September 15, 2011

KUNMING, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- The remains of 19 Chinese soldiers who died fighting Japanese aggressors in Myanmar during World War II have been returned home after 60 years.

A burial ceremony was held Wednesday morning at the Guoshang Cemetery in Tengchong County in southwestern Yunnan Province, a province which borders Myanmar.

The Guoshang Cemetery, which literally means "Elegy of the Nation Cemetery," was established in 1945 to honor the deceased soldiers of Chinese expeditionary forces that fought in Myanmar and India during WWII.

Thousands of people, including veterans, descendants of the expeditionary force soldiers, overseas compatriots and local residents, attended the ceremony.

"It is regretful that many of my comrades lost their lives in the foreign battlefield. Now, I am thankful that they are finally home," veteran Lu Wencai said.

Wednesday marks the 67th anniversary of a battle in which Chinese expeditionary forces reclaimed Tengchong from the hands of the Japanese invaders.

The remains of the 19 soldiers were found in Mytikyina and Hsipaw of Myanmar, and were escorted to Tengchong Tuesday.


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