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Anti-GM food protesters claim crops are unsafe

(Global Times)

14:32, September 14, 2011

Some 40 people protested against genetically modified (GM) food outside the Ministry of Agriculture Friday. The protesters said Monday they are unsure if their concerns will be addressed.

They carried banners accusing the ministry of being traitors who approve of the industrialization of GM staple foods in China, and of caring little about residents' health.

The protesters, all of them Beijing residents who met on anti-GM food Internet forums, had signed a joint letter asking the ministry to stop advocating GM staple grains in China. About 80 people signed the letter, including experts and some former government officials. The protest lasted around half an hour, when the ministry sent officials to talk to the protesters.

According to protesters, the officials avoided important questions in the subsequent discussion, which were directly related to their own interests.

"Do you eat GM food? I asked, and they said, 'yes.' But when we requested that we send inspectors to their cafeteria, they refused," said one of the protesters, who insisted on anonymity.

Opinions toward genetically modified food have been divided in the academic field around the world. Protesters and some experts say it is dangerous to health, while supporters say the technique is safe.

"There's no argument about whether GM technology is safe or not. The key is how to use it scientifically," Peng Yufa, a researcher with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said in the Beijing Evening News on August 24.

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JH at 2011-09-1567.158.188.*
If your favorite dish is happiness pie, then who should have the right to deny it? Yet if you"re food changes too many good genes, we need to demand better rights.
Sam Teng at 2011-09-14175.136.55.*
Greenpeace and anti-GM food activists always claim GM food is not safe. Prove it with evidence! Not just shouting slogans and empty talk.
Sam Teng at 2011-09-14175.136.55.*
In terms of food safety, GM food undergo more stringent test than normal cross breeding food. Since the first introduction of GM soybean in the late 1990s, there is not a single report of death due to GM food. More important is the ethics behind the development of GM food rather than food safety. This is because we do not want animal genes to be transferred into plants. For reasons best known to themselves, there will always be Greenpeace and some anti-GM NGOs who will lobby against GM food.

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