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Outlook is hopeful for crash girl

(Shanghai Daily)

15:49, September 13, 2011

Xiang Weiyi has her legs checked at Shanghai's Xinhua Hospital yesterday.(Shanghai Daily Photo)

The toddler who was trapped in the wreckage of the bullet train crash in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, is recovering well and doctors have managed to close almost all of the open wound on her left leg.

Little Xiang Weiyi, who is known as Yi Yi, was the last survivor of the July 23 crash. She had been trapped for more than 21 hours before she was found.

Her parents were among 40 people killed in one of the country's most serious railway accidents that also left nearly 200 others injured.

Doctors at the Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai said the wound would be closed completely soon and follow-up rehabilitation would begin.

The 33-month-old has had six operations to remove damaged or infected tissue from the wound and several skin transplants.

Dr Zhao Li, of Xinhua's pediatric orthopedics department, said Yi Yi's condition at present is good enough for further treatment.

It has been feared that her left leg would be badly disabled but doctors say that any disability will be reduced through further surgery and rehabilitation.

A Japanese rehabilitation expert, Dr Shigeko Fujisawa of the International University of Health and Wealth, visited Yi Yi last week and said she was receiving "very effective" treatment at Xinhua.

Xiang Yuyu, her uncle, said in his microblog that feeling had returned to the toes of her left foot in recent days and it is hoped she can retain much of her leg's function.


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