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China's richest village completes controversial skyscraper


15:13, September 09, 2011

The Zengdi Kongzhong New Village Building in Huaxi Village, east China's Jiangsu province. (Photo:

NANJING, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- A village in east China's Jiangsu Province grabbed attention after completing a 328-meter high building that houses a statue of an ox made from a ton of gold.

According to Sun Haiyan, vice Party chief of Huaxi Village which has been dubbed "China's richest village," the 74-story building cost more than 3 billion yuan (about 0.46 billion U.S. dollars) and has just completed its interior decorating.

The building is scheduled to open as a hotel on October 8th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the village's founding.

Construction of the building, named the Zengdi Kongzhong New Village Building, started in 2007, Sun said.

"The completion of this building is a symbol of Huaxi going global," she said.

Huaxi made a high-profile purchase of two helicopters in November 2010, so that tourists and villagers can take in panoramic views of the village. The village is also planning to buy a 500-seat luxury yacht.

Some have criticized Huaxi for showing off its wealth.

"Huaxi is no longer a village," said columnist Han Haoyue. "It is an enterprise now."

"In a way, Huaxi epitomizes China: after getting rich, it is eager to show its wealth to others. Maybe it is time it slow down to retrieve its lost flavor of soil."

But netizen Wofeijunzi claims to be from the city of Jiangyin, which administers Huaxi, and takes pride in the building.

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Peter at 2011-09-1024.87.17.*
My opinion is, that the village leaders should submit to a head examination, Seems they have last all sense of reality. Unfortually they are not the only ones in China. This being wealthy thing has done something strange to them,

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