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Ex-leader's new book already a hot seller (2)

(China Daily)

13:54, September 09, 2011

For most readers, the book not only reflects the former premier's charisma but also records China's economic reforms during that period.

"I especially appreciated the book when it revealed Zhu's thoughts on economics and showed the difficulties the country faced at that time," said Liu Yong, a 30-year-old Beijing resident, who added that the book would be a valuable source for researchers.

The high anticipation of readers suggests the book will attract big sales.

"We have plenty of copies of the book as we expect it will sell well," said Ge Fei, deputy manager of the Wangfujing Bookstore, one of the biggest book retailers on Beijing's most famous commercial pedestrian street.

Ge said more than 100 copies were sold by 2:30 pm on Thursday, which is an "extraordinary result" for a new book.

Oxford University Press in Britain published an English edition of Zhu's first book in April, nearly two years after the original Chinese edition was released.

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