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Singer couple's teenage son involved in beating


15:22, September 08, 2011

Beijing--A 15-year-old who was driving a BMW without a license was later found to be the son of Li Shuangjiang and Meng Ge, the famous singer couple, Beijing News reported.

On Sept 6 evening, a couple in a car in Haidian district were severely beaten by two young men who were driving behind them. One of the young men was the 15-year-old.

"We slowed down our car when we drove into the gate of the community, and they braked behind us. Then we were beaten," said Yang, the wife, whose head was wrapped in gauze after the beating.

A witness surnamed Li said that the two drivers beat the couple for three minutes. "The two young men are both over 180cm, and the couple are both between 160cm and 170cm, so they had no power to fight back. The two young men shouted, 'Who dares to phone 110!'"

The other young man drove an Audi.

They were caught by police who arrived shortly after.

Peng, the husband, received nine stitches on his forehead and two on the back of his head, and he also has injuries to his nose and right eye.

"A couple who claimed to be family of the BMW driver visited us and hoped that we can forgive the young driver. It was not Li Shuangjiang who came," Peng said.

Both the BMW and Audi lacked proper license tags.


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