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Curing sick villagers for 30 years

By Zhao Chenyan  (China Daily)

14:16, September 06, 2011

Peng Xiandong visits a patient with rheumatism at home in Huayuan village, Jinzhai county in Dabie Mountain area in East China's Anhui province, Sept 3, 2011. (Photo/Xinhua)

For over 30 years, they've dedicated themselves to a small rural clinic and have treated hundreds of patients in this village.

Peng Xiansong, 53, and Lin Yingliang, 57, have both worked as doctors at a health station in Huayuan village, Jinzhai county in Dabie mountain areas in East China's Anhui province for 30 years and 35 years respectively.

"We have almost treated all of the common diseases except surgeries and delivering babies," Peng said.

As well as treating patients in the hospital, they often make home visits for seniors and disabled patients and do follow-up visits to the people with chronic diseases.

They praised the current new type of rural cooperative medical care system, saying that it has provided lots of convenience and benefits for villagers.

They think being a country doctor for 30 years is no great shakes because they class themselves as peasants and they think that they should do something for their village.

But they hold serious concerns about the hospital's future because many young doctors are unwilling to serve in rural areas due to low salaries, remote working places and hard living conditions.

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