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Man surrenders to police after murdering seven in east China


10:23, September 06, 2011

NANJING, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- A 32-year-old man surrendered to police Sunday night after murdering seven relatives of a friend in east Jiangsu Province, local police said Monday.

Police said the suspect, surnamed Zheng from Guanyun County, confessed that he used a 20-cm-long knife to kill his friend's parents, daughter, aunt, uncle, niece and another relative in Xuyi County on Saturday night, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Public Security announced in a statement.

According to authorities, Zheng said he had planned to stab his friend, surnamed Wang, in revenge for an alleged affair Wang had with his wife, but Wang wasn't home that night.

Zheng and Wang had been friends, and they had collaborated in robberies, which led to Zeng serving one year in jail in 2009. After being released, he learned of the alleged affair.

Police continue to investigate the case.


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